417 Professionals is a networking group of business professionals in the Springfield, Missouri metropolitan area

How We Benefit 417 Customers

Since the business professionals in our network meet every week both in a group and in one-to-one meetings, we get to know each other well. As a result, any member of our network can connect their own customers with known, trusted professionals in many different areas.

And our list of members is available under chapter page. You can find local small business owners who are 417 Professionals members. 

How We Benefit Our Members

We provide our members in the Springfield, Missouri area a network through which we can support each other’s businesses and pass referrals. This results in increased business!

Unlike many similar networks, our low $50 annual membership fee saves you money — reducing this barrier helps make for a larger and more active network.

How We Benefit 417 Community

A unique twist to 417 Professionals business networking group is our desire to contribute to our community. We invite non-profit organizations to join our memberships at no cost. We believe in building a bridge between the business and non-profit sector to enrich our local community.